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BIG Games’ most successful project, Pet Simulator X, has become one of the most popular games in Roblox. Since you’ve landed here at PSX King, you most likely have the desire of owning as many huge pets as possible, and you’re in just the right place for that. We have a large variety of the best pets in the game and we’re constantly adding more. Whether you’re looking to become a collector, or simply want to get a few high-damage ones to progress further through the game, we recommend checking out the rest of our Pet Simulator X shop and all our pets.

Pet Simulator X Shop Discord

Since we know how important it is to be able to communicate and trade with other Pet Sim X players, PSX King has created a Discord community where you can speak with others and post trade offers. On top of that, if you want to speak with support about your order in real-time or want to request a pet we don’t currently offer, you can also do that by joining our Discord and opening a ticket. Our Discord also serves as a good source for finding pets if you happen to be looking to make certain trades. You can simply scroll through the trades channel in the PSX King Discord server and type in what you are trying to find, such as "Huge Hacked Cat."

Pet Simulator X Huge Pets

”Huge pets” is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the Pet Sim X community. This refers to a type of pet, known as an Exclusive Huge Pet. There is a huge version of a lot of pets, which is just a bigger version of the same thing, except it does more damage and is way more valuable. Most huge pets can only be obtained through codes, which we discuss below. This is why huge pets are so rare, and the majority of players do not have any. Some of the most popular Pet Simulator X huge pets are: the Huge Hacked Cat, the Huge Dragon, the Huge Pegasus, and Huge Easter Cat.

Pet Simulator X Codes

Pet Simulator X codes are obtained by purchasing physical plushies or merch from BIG Games. You can then redeem these codes in-game to receive huge pets, which is the only way to obtain these pets aside from trading for them or by buying from us. Instead of going through the hassle of purchasing physical products you don’t want in order to get the thing you do want, you have the option of buying your favorite huge pets directly from our PSX shop.

Huge Hacked Cat: Pet Sim X

The Huge Hacked Cat is an example of a well-known huge pet, and one of the rarest pets in the entire game. There is also some controversy around this pet since it was removed from the Hacker Egg so it can no longer be obtained from hatching. But don’t worry, you can still get a Huge Hacked Cat either by trading for one in-game or by purchasing from our Pet Simulator X shop.

Huge Dragon: Pet Sim X

The Huge Dragon in Pet Sim X was obtainable by purchasing a plushie from BIG Games Shop which came with a redeemable code, but it is no longer available. Like many of the most desired pets, the Huge Dragon can now only be obtained through trading for one, or by purchasing from our PSX shop, since we have many in stock, along with more of the best huge pets in the game.